Over the years, Tax Automation have played a key role in helping a wide range of blue chip companies manage their tax compliance and reporting more effectively. Our solutions enable clients to improve the speed and accuracy of tax reporting, manage tax risk, and deliver greater certainty in decision making, tax processes and the numbers they generate.

Capital Asset Management - companies in a wide range of industries manage their capital expenditure analyses and reporting for Chargeable Gains, Capital Allowances and tax reporting using Tax Automation's Capital Assets Database (CAD). Automated calculations of actual, projected and contingent Capital Gains (IFRS and UK GAAP) as well as Capital Allowances, depreciation and temporary difference reports are generated on demand. Combining tax-sensitised source ledger data with intuitive review and search tools ensures that all aspects of capex work are simplified and made more efficient. CAD is available as a hosted SaaS offering or as an on-site install.


Tax Reporting – large organisations often find that off-the-shelf tax provisioning software cannot be configured to meet their particular needs. Our solutions are tailored to solve each client's problems - either through re-engineering existing spreadsheets or by developing bespoke solutions. We work directly with each client to design, implement and maintain a cost-effective, flexible and successful outcome.

Data Gathering and Collation – aggregating and analysing large volumes of data from multiple sources are major issues for the majority of in-house tax departments. We work closely with our clients to find the right answer for each organisation and budget.

VAT – MTD and SAO obligations for the preparation and submission of VAT returns are increasingly onerous burdens. We have a range of solutions to help organisations better manage their compliance risk – from VAT Controller, an MTD compliant web-based application that addresses the full lifecycle of VAT returns with full audit trails, to the re-engineering of clients' pre-existing spreadsheet processes in order to streamline and refine them.


Bespoke Development – sometimes a specific tax problem demands a bespoke technology solution. Established in-house processes may be overtaken by changes in data sources, personnel or developments in accounting standards, tax law or practice, rendering them obsolete. Tax Automation can provide the tax, reporting and IT expertise required to design, build and maintain software as well as strengthening business continuity.

Spreadsheet Expertise – Whether in tax reporting, data gathering and analysis, VAT compliance or bespoke development, Tax Automation's spreadsheet capabilities have been honed to provide in-house tax departments with the crucial balance of flexibility and control that they require. Our modular approach to spreadsheet construction ensures that the end results meet the high standards our clients expect in their business processes, and we employ similar techniques in risk-assessing and re-engineering spreadsheets created by our clients.

"Tax Automation
enabled us to re-
engineer our VAT
spreadsheets and
throughout the process
their professionalism
really stood out"

Denise Lineham, Tax Manager,
Schroders PLC

"As soon as we saw
Tax Automation's
Capital Assets Database
we knew it was exactly
what we were looking for.
The level of
functionality available
is impressive."

Dave Cockett, Capital Allowances Manager, Royal Mail PLC

"They delivered
on time and to a very
demanding schedule.
The Excel functionality
that the team produced
was extremely advanced -
we wouldn't have been
able to do this

Tax Adviser, FTSE Oil and Gas Company

"VAT Controller
has given us the
control and governance
that we needed. It
provides us with
due diligence and an
audit trail"

Rachel Hurst, Indirect
Tax Manager, BAE Systems PLC